Britain’s Universal Health Care

The National Health Service (NHS) of Britain was founded after the devastation of World War II. All the nations signed the human rights consensus which includes universal health care.The United States used to be the last enduring industrialized country that didn’t have any form of universal access to health services, partly because of debates in the congress that are motivated by false beliefs.One of them is that the US is not capable of covering the uninsured. Yet a coordinated financing system is the secret to keeping the costs down. The following are some affordable ways to do it. Another belief is that the United States’ enormous size and diversity make it a different case from what is applicable to smaller and less diverse countries.Many believe that there is no other option to intentional health insurance based on the market but a single-payer system backed by revenues. But in truth, there are other alternatives. Another belief, usually held by the physicians, is that they would lose more control under corporate care management. But in other universal health care systems, the medical profession is given greater institutional control.Lastly, conventional lawmakers and insurance providers think that it would result into neglected facilities, inferior quality, low salaries, and long waiting intervals to see a physician like the British NHS. The trouble with American media is that they present the negative aspects more than the positive views.Actually, the bleak features of the NHS described above-neglected facilities, inferior quality, low salaries, etc. -are the results of lack of funds and supplies of equipment as well as personnel. Many other systems for universal health care have resolved these problems. The NHS is not a problem of design but a problem of funding. On the other hand, the US health care system has proper funding but there are many flaws in the design.Looking at the history of the NHS, we can draw applicable aspects for universal health care in the US. Two fundamental approaches to reform typified proposals in the 1920s & 1930s. One was to broaden the limitations of the 1911 act into wide-ranging national health insurance. Another approach was to make existing health services accessible to everyone. The first proposal is founded on every person’s right to health care. The second proposal is founded on the concept that society has a responsibility to tend to the health of its citizens.

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Self Storage Loans – Preparing Yourself For a Successful Lending Process

Self storage loans can be put to good use in a number of areas; whether looking to build from scratch, refinance, or make some necessary upgrades, small business financing is available for those who qualify. From major metropolitan areas to neighborhood communities, the storage business has been thriving for decades and will continue to do so. The demand for facilities such as these virtually necessitates the type of commercial loan that is flexible enough to accommodate prospective borrowers from start to finish. As a result of the growing demand side, self storage loans are geared towards generating consistent revenue on both sides of the coin.Getting a small business loan does entail a multi-tiered process that begins with a concrete commerce plan and presenting it to a number of lending institutions. In order to have all of the moving parts working effectively and in unison, an experienced commercial loan broker will have the specifics on hand, and hence, get the wheels turning. Submitting a solid business portfolio is often the best way to achieve positive results; when dealing with self storage loans on the whole, a small business loan broker will need to see financial records dating back over a two-year period, including tax returns, bank statements, and a credit rating as well. It’s also important to point out that these records needn’t be spotless, yet it does help to have fewer blemishes.Many small business financing professionals in today’s market can attest to the rough patches experienced during the last meltdown and how they’ve been able to rebound in grand fashion. And believe it or not, many recipients of self storage loans during that period managed to pull through better than most. No matter the case, the chances of getting a small business loan in this field are relatively favorable at the present time.Once the loan application has been given the green light, a number of options exist to enhance existing properties or performing reconstruction altogether. After crunching the numbers with a small business loan calculator, construction costs should be covered for upgrades that are designed to accommodate a variety of end users. Some of the allotted funds from self storage loans are being used to improve security while improving aesthetic appearance; marketing the business itself ranks evenly with a well-taken-care-of facility, which can help to increase revenues via fully secured and occupied storage parcels.Establishing a commercial loan of this nature is merely the beginning of better things to come. Building equity is an important part of the undertaking. Small business financing is the key to bigger business ventures through the ability to refinance and capitalize on diversification. Even small business entrepreneurs rarely keep their eggs in one basket; self storage loans reaching maturity can lead to investing elsewhere or expanding current operations. Often times this is the result of taking out a small business loan and running with it wisely, as the slow and steady approach can eventually lead to controlling the tempo of business.It’s also a good idea to shop around and find a suitable commercial loan and lender combined, where the reverse-vetting process may reveal some of the pitfalls accompanied with the advantages. Prospective borrowers should be equally as careful as the lending institutions they seek. By doing so, applicants will be aware of certain fees that can often go undetected by a business loan calculator and can only be found in the fine print. With self storage loans or any other kind, being prepared can actually save significant amounts of money.

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Small Business ERP – Be Aware of These Things

Finding the right Small Business ERP for your company
Small Business ERP is a unique category of enterprise software. It typically needs to have all the functionality of large corporate ERP software, but it needs to have as few clicks and screens as possible to ensure that the users are not overburdened with a lot of time spent entering data. The size of the business does not necessarily change the functionality required in the software. Rather, the small company often has a need for higher efficiency since they cannot afford the manpower to maintain the system.When you look at ERP software, there are three tiers of applications. Tier 1 is large multi-national software solutions, such as Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards. Tier 2 is the mid-market level. These applications are suitable to businesses in the range of 50M to 250M. This is the sweet spot of the market. Like any bell curve, the mid-market has both the most customers, as well as the most product offerings. The last tier is the Tier 3 offerings which is the small business ERP category. These are systems suitable for 1 person start-ups to about the $50M level, although some of these products become inefficient if they have more than 20 users on the system. So while they claim to be Small Business ERP offerings, they are for the smallest of companies.Things to look for in Small Business ERP
When evaluating small business ERP solutions, it is important that you properly screen the potential software candidates to ensure you get a software that fits your business. If you don’t you will run into many different issues. Here are some tips:1. Make sure that the small business ERP software you are looking at fits into your niche.
2. Make sure that the data entry is simple and efficient
3. Make sure that the database platform can be managed by you or your staff
4. Look at the support offerings of the small business ERP provider to ensure that it is tailored to your needs
5. Determine that the small business ERP reseller provides enough training to properly get your staff up and runningLet’s discuss these points. First you need to make sure that the software you are looking at fits within the business model or industry that you work within. A retail store should not use a software designed for distributor. See what other customers that the software provider has worked with in the past and ask for specific examples of companies in your industry.You need to make sure that the users do not become slaves to the system. Make sure that the data entry screens are simple, efficient and do not require a lot of bouncing around to other screens to input simple things such as invoices or purchase orders.The heart of the system is the database. You need to make sure that the database does not require a full-time system admin to maintain it. It should be designed to be self maintaining and easily managed. Learn a little bit of the technical requirements from the Small Business ERP solution provider. You do not want to be in the situation where you need to bring in a specialized database administrator if later something goes wrong.Small Business ERP should have support designed for you the small business owner. You should easily be able to call in and immediately speak to a rep for support. You don’t want to have to wait for days to get answers. Be careful of small systems with small support staffs. Especially be wary where the system is developed and maintained by one or two people. Yes, they are also a small business, but it will be a big problem when they are not available to assist you.Lastly, you and your staff need to have enough training to properly operate the application. Do not skimp on this point. You need more training than you think. In fact, it would be good to plan on training to go live and at least one other training session a month after go-live to answer any questions and resolve any problems from a lack of knowledge. You won’t become experts on the system in a day, so plan on future training sessions.The future of Small Business ERP
The future of Small Business ERP seems to be one of two paths. There are those systems that will continue to be operating on a small network of computers and do quite well on them, such as QuickBooks or DBA Software. The other path is that of small business ERP companies such as NetSuite, who are leading the charge to bring small business ERP to the cloud. This means that you will have access to the application through a browser and no installed software will exist on your site. You are licensing access to a system that stores your data remotely and operates via an internet connection.People often are concerned with this model as your data lives somewhere else. The fact of the matter is it is probably safer there than on a computer sitting in your back room. The data center security policies and the high-levels of authentication that are enforced by cloud computing providers truly lock down your data and its accessibility. Whereas your server in your back room is often open to anyone who happens to wonder by. This seems to be riskier. Nonetheless, whichever path you choose, you can be assured that the small business ERP industry is continuing to grow and develop.

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